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Titanium Bicycle Frame

  • 2019-11-26

Bicycle frame materials from the earliest chrome-molybdenum steel, aluminum alloy, and then the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber, other scandium alloy, magnesium alloy and titanium alloy.
We are constantly developing new materials, improving the design ability of pipe fitting and structure, and innovating processing technology, in order to make the frame lighter, stronger, more comfortable and more streamlined. Density is one of the key factors that determine the weight of the frame. The lower the density, the lighter the frame will be. The density of chrome-molybdenum steel is 7.9, aluminum alloy is 2.6~2.9, titanium 4.5, titanium alloy 4.3~5.1, carbon fiber composite 1.6, magnesium alloy 1.7. However, in additional to the weight of the frame, but also consider the tensile strength, elastic coefficient, although the density is low, but strength is not enough, i
t's also unusable.

Titanium alloy is similar to the characteristics of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber synthesis, it is similar to carbon fiber elasticity, but also aluminum alloy like light weight and rigid, and corrosion is not rust, ride a good feeling, more used for small pipe diameter frame.The general frame adopts titanium alloy of 3Al-2.5V or 6Al-4V. Titanium is 55% lighter than steel and does not oxidize easily. In order to improve the tensile strength, there are mixed aluminum, vanadium titanium alloy.

Titanium frame is mainly used for professional bicycle racing, cross-country racing and bike modification enthusiasts, especially cyclists prefer to own a titanium bike.

Welcome to order a titanium bicycle frame from our company, and have your own titanium bicycles in hand.

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